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Math - Part 1

Below are multiple choice questions. Please choose the most correct answer for each question. If you do not know an answer choose I don't know.

#1 - If a customer gave you $10.00 for a $2.36 item What would be their change? 

$6.94     $7.46     $7.64     $6.64   I don't know


#2- An Item with tax cost $8.17  the customer gives you a $10.00 bill and two pennies. What is their change?

$2.00 and a dime    $2.00 and two dimes    $2.00 a dime and a nickel    $1.00, three quarters and a dime  I don't know


#3- An item is priced at $12.50. A customer gives you a 10% off coupon. What is the cost of the item?

$10.65     $10.45     $11.25     $10.35     I don't know


#4- An item costs $8.00. The sales tax is 7%. What is the total cost of the item?

$8.66       $8.56        $8.36       $8.24     I don't know


#5- John bought 100 shares of stock at $10.50 a share. The value went up 20% when he sold them. What was his profit?

$25.00          $210.00          $250.00          $150.00     I don't know


#6- At a car wash. It costs $.80 to wash each car. They charge $9.00 per car to wash them. They washed 30 cars. how much profit did they make?

$212.00      $236.00      $246.00      $270.00     I don't know


#7- Pens that cost $1.20 per dozen to manufacture are sold for $2.40 a dozen. How much profit is made on each pen?

$0.70      $0.20      $0.12      $0.10      I don't know


#8- How many pieces of 4 inch pipe can be cut from a 4 foot length?

16      14      24      12     I don't know


#9- How many square inches are there in a square foot?

100      144      90      104     I don't know


#10-         1004 divided by 4 equals?

104      204      224      251     I don't know


Verbal - Part 2

In recent years soccer has ___________ popular.

1- Fill in the blank with:   became   becomes    become    gone    I don't know


2- What does dialogue mean?

argue   talk loud   conversation   act out   I don't know


3- In order to be able to read you must be literate. This statement is:

True    False    I don't know


The director of sales was appalled at the last sales report. He determined the sales force needed adequate training

in cold calling clients and proceeded to instruct the president to  initiate the training immediately.

4- Fill in the blank: The director of sales was ______ about the sales report.

happy   upset    confused      elated     I don't know


5- What did the director mean by adequate?

equal   some   sufficient   sales   I don't know


6- Fill in the blank: The director wanted the president to _________ the training.

start   instruct   design   pay for    I don't know


Tom thought the price his wife paid for her new dress was exorbitant and  belittled her for buying it. She retorted by saying it was an imperative buy for the party coming up and she did not feel obliged to listen to him.

7- Fill in the blank: Tom thought the dress ________

was ugly    cost too much    was too fancy    too big     I don't know


8- Fill in the blank: Tom _______ her for buying it.

criticized      yelled at    complemented     praised     I don't know


9- The word Retorted means:

yelled back   exploded   replied   questioned    I don't know


10 - The word imperative means:

necessary   compulsive    important    inessential    I don't know


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